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Metal Stamping & Deep Draw Pressing

Metal Stamping can perform a diverse range of operations such as blanking, piercing, forming and drawing.


Metal Stamping is also a vital part of the preparation and completion of the metal spinning process to blank out the material or perform secondary operations such as holes on a P.C.D or embossing.


Automatic bar feeders help further reduce pricing and offer advantages when producing heavier gauge items like clips and brackets,  auto feeders can also use coil for mass production light gauge items.

Metal stamping offers a great reduction on pricing but with tooling potentially running into the thousands you will need larger runs to warrant the expense.

Advantages of Metal Stamping
  • Consistent finish and thickness

  • Consistent tolerances

  • Reduced manufacturing costs

  • Shorter lead times

If it is round and hollow shapes are limited only by your imagination.

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