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Smart Spin Metal Spinning

Smart Spin Automatic Metal Spinning Lathe

Queensland Metal Spinners has recently invested in an Australian made automatic called a Smart Spin. This lathe has similar benefits as the M&M Tracktronic but  without the lengthy set up times. This machine will not necessarily spin faster than a manual metal spinner but it does have the added advantage of a play back system and attachments to guarantee cheaper prices, consistent finishes and hold tolerances up to 0.1mm.

Metal Spinning Machinery

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Custom Metal Breaker Tops

Smart Spin Specifications

Metal Light Shades

Max Swing Size


Material Gauges  
Mild Steel

.55mm to 3.0mm

Galvanised Steel .55mm to 3.0mm

.55mm to 6.0mm

Stainless Steel .55mm to 2.5mm
Copper .55mm to 3.0mm

Please note material gauges may vary depending on the shape.

If it is round and hollow shapes are limited only by your imagination.

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