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Introduction To Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning is an age old art by which flat metal blanks are formed over mandrels to produce shapes.

During the metal spinning process a flat metal blank is held between a mandrel and clamping follower on a lathe that looks much like a heavy-duty wood turning lathe. The material is then worked by applying pressure by means of hand tool or rollers.

Metal Spinning Lathe

Metal Spinning Lathe

The hand tool is held under the operators arm and by using leverage off a peg in a T-rest, the material is worked in an arc motion from the bottom to the top. This motion is repeated until the blank has been drawn down to follow the same contour as the mandrel.


Roller metal spinning has the same basic concept as metal spinning by hand but rather than a tool under the arm, a roller mounted on a hockey stick (scissor like tool) is used.

metal spinning metal spinning
      Advantages of Metal Spinning  
  • Cheaper Tooling

  • Shorter Lead Times

  • Cost Effective for Prototypes

  • No Seems, Welds or Joins

  • Ease of design changes

  • Flexible with different materials

If it is round and hollow shapes are limited only by your imagination.

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