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Automatic Metal Spinning

M&M Tracktronic Automatic Metal Spinning Lathe

Queensland Metal Spinners has the latest in automatic metal spinning technology allowing for cheaper prices and quicker lead times on long run products. On average the automatic metal spinner can spin 2 - 3 times faster than a fully qualified metal spinner on light gauge materials and 4 - 5 times faster on heavy gauge materials.

Metal Spinning Machinery

These cutting edge metal spinning machines are able to produce parts and finishes that are leaving the average hand spinner gob smacked. The metal spinning machines can hold tolerances up to 0.1mm and achieve consistent high quality finishes. With the correct attachments our automatics can spin flanges, safety beads, trim and more.

Metal Spinning Machinery Used by Metal Spinners

Metal Spinning Machinery used by Metal Spinners

The downside to the M&M Tracktronic is the mandrels are slightly more expensive compared to hand spinning mandrels but the cost saving in the production run more than compensates and it takes on average 1 1/2 to 2 hours to set up. With this in mind quantities for light gauge must be around 300 and with heavy gauge materials 50+.

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Metal Stamper

M&M Tracktronic Specifications

Metal Spinning Queensland

Max Swing Size


Material Gauges  
Mild Steel

.55mm to 3.0mm

Galvanised Steel .55mm to 3.0mm

.55mm to 6.0mm

Stainless Steel .55mm to 2.5mm
Copper .55mm to 3.0mm

Please note material gauges may vary depending on the shape.

If it is round and hollow shapes are limited only by your imagination.

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