Queensland Metal Spinners Pty. Ltd.




Metal Spinning

Tracktronic Automatic Lathe

Smart Spin Automatic Lathe

9 x Hand Metal Spinning Lathes

2 x Swaging Lathes


Metal Stamping

& Deep Draw Pressing

180T Hydraulic Press

70T Inclinable Press

80T Inclinable Press

1 x 30T Inclinable Press

1 x 35T Inclinable Press

2 x 35T Press With Feeders

1 x Notching Press


Engineering & Fabricating

Engineers Lathe

Guillotine 1200mm Wide

4 x Circle Cutters

Mig Welders

Stick Welders

2 x Drill Press

If it is round and hollow shapes are limited only by your imagination.

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