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Queensland Metal Spinners offers a diverse range of products and services such as metal spinning, metal stamping and deep draw pressing. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a complete product solution. We will manufacture the raw product and then manage all the other inputs required to supply our customers with completed products.


Queensland Metal Spinners is committed to ongoing training for all of our team members to enhance the skill sets of all of our team, whether this be Technical, Administrative, Quality or Health and Safety.

Queensland Metal Spinning Production Workshop

In House Drafting and Engineering

With our in house drafting and tooling design we will help design and build user friendly and cost effective tools to ensure maximum production times are achieved and customer requirements are met.


Cost Effective

Metal Spinning is a cost effective alternative to metal stamping and fabrication for small production runs. The benefits of metal spinning range from cheaper tooling to ease of tooling modifications.


Quality Assurance

Our clients can be assured that their products are monitored throughout our production and management process right to the point of delivery and acceptance.

Metal Spinning - Warratah

Modified Funnel for Metal Spinning

Wheel Hub used by Metal Spinners

If it is round and hollow shapes are limited only by your imagination.

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